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cover picture for Bedford Square 5

Cover of Bedford Square 6

Cover of Bedford Square 7

Link to shop for Bedford Square 8

cover of Bedford Square 11 cover of articulus and link to shop

Alexander, Ann

Cover picture with link to shop


Averbach, Patricia

Picture of Patricia Averbach

Cover of Missing Persons, link to shop      

Butt, Maggie

Author picture of Maggie Butt

cover of Sancti Clandestini


Armstrong, Keith

Author picture

Cover picture of The Month of the Asparagus link to shop


Bell, Colin

Author picture of Colin Bell

Cover of Colin Bell's book Stephen Dearsley's Summer of Love

cover of Remembeing blue  


Cooper, Bob

Author picture of Bob Cooper

Book cover


Butler, David

Picture of author david butler

Cover of No Greater Love


Carver, Caroline

author picture of caroline carver

Cover of poetry book Tikki TIkki Man


Cooke, David

author picture

Cover of poetry book Work Horses


Duffy, Noel

Cover of Street Light Amber

Book cover

Cover for On Light and carbon

  Cover piicture with link to shop      

Foggin, John

Picture of John Foggin

Cover of Larach      

Gilligan, Shauna

author picture

Cover for Happiness comes from nowhere


Guiney, Sue

Cover picture with link to shop

Cover picture for her life collected

Cover of Dreams of May and link to shop

Cover image of Out of the Ruins

Henchley, Gillian      

Horwood, Mike

cover pciture with link to shop The cover of the Finn's Tale Arthur's Eventful Weekend Cover of falstaffs gut and link to shop

Howard, Joy

Picture of Author Joy Howard

Cover of refurbishment and link to shop


Lee, V G

V G Lee's author picture

Cover image of book

cover of Diary of a Provincial Lesbian  

Phillips, Peter

author picture

Cover pciture for No School Tie Link to shop

Link to shop for Oscar and I  

Squire, Caroline

Author picture

Cover picture


Myra Schneider

picture of Myra Schneider

cover picture of Lifting the Sky      

Stein, Joe

author pic

Book cover of That Twisted Thing Called Truth

cover of Another Man's World and link to shop for book Cover of Through Another Night

Ward, Adele

Adele Ward

Cover picture of Never Never Land Book Cover for Everything Is Free    

Wood, James W

author picture

Cover of The Anvil's Preyer


Zinnemann-Hope, Pam

Author picture of Pam Zinnemann-Hope


On Cigarette papers cover and link to shop    


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