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Street Light Amber by Noel Duffy £7.99 inc. UK pp
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After an absence of three years, the narrator's lover returns. The two slowly begin the tentative process of regaining trust against the backdrop of the city streets of their past. Street Light Amber is a chamber piece, a study in obsession and the metaphysical state of disorientation it leaves in its wake, haunted at its core by love lost and the hope that it might yet be restored.

Praise for Noel Duffy’s Previous Collections

‘Duffy’s work is rooted in a deep study of his medium and the poems in In The Library of Lost Objects work in concert in a way very few books achieve.’

‘Duffy is absolutely aware of the ways in which reader and poet meet and meld in the white spaces between words… He exhibits only the good stuff, the best work, there’s no small talk, no gimmicks, nothing insincere, he just gets down to the heart of things and gives us poems that matter.’
Poetry Ireland Review

‘Duffy earns our trust as both scientist and poet in this collection. His ability to blend the two makes his poems echo long after they are read. He sees into the life of things and allows us to look through the microscope with him.’
Books Ireland


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