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Dreams of May by Sue Guiney£7.99 £7.49 inc. UK pp
Release date: August 2012
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Sue is available for appearances, to meet with book groups and run workshops.

Featuring twenty-two poems for a single voice, Sue Guiney’s Dreams of May follows a journey that starts on a train and travels through a tumultuous range of emotions before arriving at the peace found in dreams.

This play was first performed at the Pentameters Theatre in Hampstead before being produced in literary festivals and universities around the UK. Five years later, it is now presented in an updated form for a new audience.


'I would very much recommend this book, its images have stayed with me for weeks following a single reading.'
Gold Dust

'Sue Guiney has the art of drawing the audience into her world, and setting your mind off on flights of fancy.'
Theatre World



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